Cyprus Kennel Club

Cyprus Kennel Club - 3xCACIB Intl. Show 13-14-15/10/2023

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Country : Cyprus  -  Location : Kornons Munincipality Stadium Community football pitch, WC83+VPV, Kornos (for gps) 

Show Dates: 13-Oct-2023 / 15-Oct-2023

Description : Cyprus Kennel Club - 3xCACIB Intl. Show 13-14-15/10/2023

Registrations Start : 12-Jul-2023   End: 01-Oct-2023 , 23:59


Εntry forms filled out incompletely and without supporting documents as pedigree and proof of payment will not be accepted. For Champion Class, copy of the champion title and for Working Class, copy of the FCI- Working Dog Certificate are necessary. Payment receipts must indicate the dog name, registration number and name of owner.

The submission of the signed entry form is regarded as exhibitor’s agreement to all the rules and regulations of the C.K.C. and obliged to obey and follow. The rules and regulations can be found on the C.K.C. website ( under the section Information, Internal Regulations, Dog show regulations.

It is required to have at the show ground all necessary veterinary documents of your dog (e.g. veterinary book or pet passport). The Cyprus Government Veterinary Services and the designated Vets of the dog show will hold checks at the show ground. Failure to present these documents will lead to the refusal of entry at the show, without the right to compete and without the right to request a money refund.

Based on the current law that applies to all member states of the E.U., dogs with pedigrees from E.U. countries with cropped ears and/or docked tails are not permitted to compete in the show.

For Information about pet Entry into Cyprus with please follow the link below to the veterinary services page of Cyprus:

Payment information:

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Mr. Peter Harsanyi
Mr. Francesco Cochetti
Mr. Nikola Smolic
Ms. Manola Pogessi
Ms. Ilaria Biondi De Ciabatti
Judges for German Shepherd Speciality Mr. Kyriakos Georgiou & Mr. Andreas Savva

Show Catalogs

2 hours before show begins , catalogs will be available online at:

Catalogs will be available from this page, 2 hours before show begins.

For detailed fees and payment information please click Here

Show Catalogs & Results

Catalogs are available Max 2 hours before show begins. Show Results are published by the club.